Waterproof HTC ONE X Motorcycle / Bike Mount (SKU 14244)

Waterproof HTC ONE X Motorcycle / Bike Mount (SKU 14244)
SKU: 14244
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Descrizione prodotto


Bike Mount fits the HTC ONE X smartphone.
Waterproof, weather resistant case protects from rain showers and damp weather.
Adjustable handlebar fixing suitable for both motorcycles and bicycles.

High quality handlebar mount fits bars from 16mm up to 33mm.
Pedestal design uses a ball joint for full adjustment and a tightening ring to hold the position securely.
Includes 2 protective inserts to cushion & protect handlebars.

Universal case fits a variety of portable tech with a maximum size of 13.2cm x 8cm x 3cm. 
Includes 5 support pads to enable the case to be used for alternative devices.
Transparent, touch sensitive lens allows you to view and control your device while it remains protected.
The water resistant zip keeps moisture out.
Charging cable access.

Case un-clips easily for security or storage.
Includes a security thumb screw to ensure the case does not detach from the mount during extreme off road pursuits.
Bonus: Spare brass thumb Screw included.

Unlike other cases on the market we include 5 support pads.


Ulteriori informazioni

Ulteriori informazioni

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Manufacturer Ultimate Addons
Brand HTC
Mounting Type Handlebar
Color Black


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