Ultimate Addons Adaptor RAM 1inch Ball Female to Addons 3 Prong System (sku 10318)

Ultimate Addons Adaptor RAM 1inch Ball Female to Addons 3 Prong System (sku 10318)
SKU: 10318
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Ultimate Addons Adaptor RAM 1" Ball Female to Addons 3 Prong System (sku 10318)

SKU: 10318

This adaptor plate enables you to attach a waterproof case or dedicated cradle from the Ultimate Addons range to the 1" (25mm) ball of a RAM or SW-Motech motorcycle mounting option.

A great way to take advantage of our Addons selection of Phone or GPS cases & holders while utilising and existing RAM mount or mounting piece from SW-Motech.

The 1" ball pushed directly into the recess and the tightening ring secures it to your mount.

Now any of the Ultimate Addons range of holders using the three prong system can be attached.

An example of RAM mounting options that can be used directly without needing to use the RAM-B-201arm.


Ulteriori informazioni

Ulteriori informazioni

Bullet 1 Custom made adaptor which incorporates the RAM 1" (25mm) ball fitting allowing our Ultimate Addons range of waterproof cases & holders to be used with a RAM motorcycle mount.
Bullet 2 If you already have a RAM motorcycle mount on your bike and would like to try one of our waterproof cases - you can.
Bullet 3 This simple adaptor turns our 3 lugg system to a 1" ball fitting which attaches directly on to any of the RAM arms. Suitable for use with the arms : RAM-B-201 / RAM-B-201A / Ram-B-201C. Note: Arms NOT supplied
Bullet 4 Adaptor plate only - NOT a complete mount. Note picture 4 is an example and the RAM-B-347 will NOT be supplied
Bullet 5 No
Manufacturer BuyBits Addons
Brand Ultimate Addons
Mounting Type No
Color Black


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