Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Waterproof Golf Trolley Handlebar Mount (sku 11688)

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Waterproof Golf Trolley Handlebar Mount (sku 11688)
SKU: 11688
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Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Waterproof Golf Trolley Handlebar Mount.

High Quality Arkon Mount with Water / Weather Resistant Case fits most popular Golf trolleys & carts. Suitable for the  Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Mobile Phone / SmartPhone.
Fixes to rails, bars & struts 16mm up to 33mm diameter.
Secure fixing.
Case can be detached from the mount for convenience or security 

 A simple and very effective way of keeping your Samsung Galaxy Y Pro protected from damp or wet weather while keeping it within reach. Perfect for use while accessing golf coaching applications, scoring apps, map or GPS downloads.

The Mount:
The Arkon mounting pedestal has ball joint adjustment & easy to use tightening ring for full adjustment. This popular Ball & Socket adjustment allows the case to be turned 360 degrees.
Case can be positioned horizontally or vertically (landscape or portrait view)
Fits rails or bars from approx 16mm up to 33mm diameter and is compatible with most trolleys or carts with round framework.
Made from high grade plastic this handlebar mount is light-weight yet tough.
Attaches in minutes.
Easy to remove.

The Case: This weather resistant high quality zipper case will keep your device protected and dry.
Suitable for devices up to: Width - 12.5cm max / Height 8cm max / Depth 2cm max (approx)
Save money - This case may be suitable for other devices you may also own.
Clear touch sensitive lens allows access to the screen of your device.
Overall measurements of case: 14cm x 9.5cm x 3.50cm approx.
Twin ended zip for easy access.
The case uses a double lug system which attaches directly to the golf mount and includes a security thumb screw for piece of mind.
Case can be detached from the mount easily, ideal if you leave your trolley unattended.
Weather resistant cable access - great for powered carts; allows direct to battery charging (cable available separately)

This waterproof case can be used with any silicon case or skin that doesn't cover the screen of the phone.

What do I get?
1 x Weatherproof case
1 x Golf trolley rail mount

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Ulteriori informazioni

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Manufacturer Ultimate Addons
Brand Samsung
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Color Black


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