Pro Golf Trolley iPhone 4S Tough Case Mount (sku 13652)

Pro Golf Trolley iPhone 4S Tough Case Mount (sku 13652)
SKU: 13652
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PRO Mount & Waterproof TOUGH Case with bespoke silicon liner for the Apple iPhone 4S smartphone.
Holds and protects your iPhone investment from damp weather and the rain.
Take advantage of all the great GOLF apps available to download for your iPhone.

The Processional Golf Trolley mount is suitable for powered & manual carts.
To fit you will require a rail, bar or strut with a diameter between 19mm-35mm.
with a minimum clear space of 42mm for fitting.
Secure TWIN screw fixture. Screwdriver required to fit.
Supplied with two liners to cushion against vibration and protect your handlebars.

The TOUGH CASE slides on to the mount and CLIPS into place offering a safe secure fitting.
The TOUGH CASE can be removed from the mount for security.

Fully adjustable - your iPhone can be tilted  to avoid glare and swivelled from horizontal to vertical depending on your preference.

The Tough Case has been designed to standard IPX4. It's a robust, hard, all weather case that will keep your iPhone secure and dry in most wet weather conditions.


  • Bespoke APPLE iPHONE 4/4S Silicon Liner - Protects from shock during daily use.
  • Your iPhone 4 is accessed through the front, touch sensitive lens while remaining protected within the Tough Case. This lens has been made for today’s technology. The view remains clear and the sensitivity remains very responsive.
  • Case is hinged with two secure side clamps which click reassuringly in place.
  • Power cable access for your original charger for an external power supply.
  • The power access point is supplied with a removable bung to insert into the recess when power is not required.
  • Removable sealed access to Headphone Socket.
  • Waterproof IPX4
  • Camera access front & back.
  • Removable soft web lanyard with safety clasp.
  • Includes a Professional  Golf Trolley Mount for rails 19mm-35mm


The Tough Case and Golf Bag Clip Mounts are just two of the wide range of mounting options from our Ultimate Addons range.
All the mounts, cases and cradles in the range are interchangeable.

Ulteriori informazioni

Ulteriori informazioni

Bullet 1 No
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Bullet 4 No
Bullet 5 No
Manufacturer Ultimate Addons
Fits Apple Apple iPhone 4S
Brand Apple
Mounting Type No
Color Black


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