Powerlet PPC-027-SC Micro USB Charging Cable - SHORT (sku 8159)

Powerlet PPC-027-SC Micro USB Charging Cable - SHORT (sku 8159)
SKU: 8159
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Descrizione prodotto


Powerlet PPC-027-SC Micro USB SHORT Charging Cable.
Works with all devices utilizing the Micro USB Connector. Cable mounted in-line regulator assures the voltage is properly stepped down to operate the device.
Cable measures 12' in length with a Powerlet PPL-002 straight plug.
Micro USB is the new standard fitting for many models of mobile phones from 2010 - (see your phone's manufactures specifications)
Note: MICRO USB is smaller / slimmer than MINI USB.

Ulteriori informazioni

Ulteriori informazioni

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Manufacturer Powerlet
Brand Universal
Mounting Type No
Color Black


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