Ktech Basic EASYPORT Suction Cup Window Mount for TomTom ONE IQ Routes Regional & Europe (SKU 6639)

Ktech Basic EASYPORT Suction Cup Window Mount for TomTom ONE IQ Routes Regional & Europe (SKU 6639)
SKU: 6639
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Descrizione prodotto


Basic Lever Release Suction Cup Window Mount with Ring Style EasyPort fitting for the TomTom ONE IQ Routes Regional & Europe.
An ideal choice as a replacement arm or for use in a second vehicle.
Arm: Length approx 7cm. The lever when pushed down expels air creating a vacuum which ensures excellent grip to your windscreen or onto a beanbag mount or adhesive dash disc.
The suction cup measures 55mm and incorporates a removal tab to break the seal for easy removal.
EasyPort Holder: The holding ring clips on the back of your TomTom in the same way the original mount and pivots on a ball fixing which allows the easyport to be positioned for viewing.
What TomTom will this fit? The TomTom XL, TomTom LIVE IQ Routes, TomTom XL 22 series / classic, TomTom XL IQ Routes & XXL IQ Routes. Suitable for both Regional & Europe versions and the TomTom ONE IQ Routes, the TomTom ONE v4 also known as the Classic, Assist & Traffic, Regional & Europe versions.

Ulteriori informazioni

Ulteriori informazioni

Bullet 1 Basic suction cup arm with reliable hold to windows, friction mounts or dash discs.
Bullet 2 Includes clip on Easy-Port mounting ring. Arm length approx 7cm
Bullet 3 Push down lever holds your TomTom firm on the 55mm suction pad.
Bullet 4 Ideal as a replacement or to use in a second vehicle.
Bullet 5 EasyPort fits: TomTom ONE v4 / IQ Routes / XL / XXL / XL LIVE - Assist & Traffic.
Manufacturer BuyBits
Fits Tomtom TomTom ONE IQ
Brand TomTom
Mounting Type No
Color No


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