IPX7 Waterproof RAM / So Easy Rider Motorcycle Bike Handlebar Mount for TomTom GPS SatNav Systems (SKU 7627)

IPX7 Waterproof RAM / So Easy Rider Motorcycle Bike Handlebar Mount for TomTom GPS SatNav Systems (SKU 7627)
SKU: 7627
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Descrizione prodotto


RAM Handlebar Motorcycle U-Bolt mount RAM-B-178 with a SO EASY RIDER v4 Waterproof Case for TomTom GPS SatNav Systems. 
The So Easy Rider v4 water-proof protective case is ideal for keeping 'car' satnav devices dry in bad weather. Suitable for systems up to 15cm x 10cm x 2.5 cm in size. It has its own velco mounting straps which give this SatNav mounting bundle added value. These straps enable the So Easy Rider v4 bag to be used independently from the RAM rail mount included, can be attach directly to the motorcycle or even to your forearm. The case uses the standard 4 hole AMPS layout and attaches directly to the RAM-B-178 motorcycle handlebar mount included in this kit.
The RAM-B-178 rail / handlebar mount is made up from the following RAM components: 
1 x RAM-B-347 AMPS base
1 x RAM-B-201 standrad 3" (between centres) arm.
1 x RAM-B-231z U-Bolt base.
Suitable for handlebars 1/2" (13mm) to 1 3/4" (32mm) 

The case is held on to own mounting base with velcro enabling it to be completely detached from the mount for security and convenience.

A 100% waterproof universal protective case that protects your device from outdoor elements but allows you to still access the touch screen.
Double jacket design keeps your device dry.
Extra compartment within case with a security strap - room for an additional battery or your mobile phone.
Covered zip - access on 3 sides.
Velcro straps - wrap the Velcro around your handlebars or fit to your forearm - ideal for motorcycle couriers or use over shoulder for pedestrians / hikers.
'Amps' layout attaches directly to the RAM-B-178 handlebar mount included.
Includes finger stylus for use with gloves.
Includes screw pack.

Use with 'Car' SatNav systems including the TomTom GO 520, 720, 720, 530, 730, 930, GO Live 540, 740, 940, Live 550, 750, 950. The TomTom ONE v1, v2, v3, v4 with easy-port & v5 IQ Routes, the TomTom ONE XL v1, XL v2, XL IQ Routes & XL Live.



Ulteriori informazioni

Ulteriori informazioni

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Lunghezza 3 Inches
Mounting Type Handlebar
Manufacturer BuyBits
Brand TomTom


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