Impact Anti-Shock Golf Trolley Mount for the Samsung Galaxy S2 / S II Phone (sku 11157)

Impact Anti-Shock Golf Trolley Mount for the Samsung Galaxy S2 / S II Phone (sku 11157)
SKU: 11157
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Descrizione prodotto


Ultimate Addons Golf Trolley mount & dedicated protective holder for the Samsung Galaxy S2 / S II with FREE Screen Protector for the Samsung Galaxy S2 / S II
Case & Holder in one - attaches directly to the trolley mount.
This complete mount consists of the Impact Holder and a standard rail mount which attached easily to most golf trolleys or carts and provides a great way to access your Samsung Galaxy S2 / S II while on the golf course. Take calls, use GPS programs or access golf applications with ease.

The IMPACT Duo Anti-Shock HOLDER is a TWO piece case which consists of a dedicated silicon liner and an anti shock impact cradle.
First the liner - Bespoke for the Samsung Galaxy S2 / S II mobile smart phone only.
Smooth high quality silicon case which can be used alone for light-weight protection in your pocket or bag.
All main function areas of the phone remain accessible.
Access to head-phone socket, hands-free, power, charging/sync port, volume & hand strap.
Protective covers to both the headphone & charging/sync ports for when not in use keep out dust & fluff.
Now add the dedicated Polycarbonate Cradle. This holder has been designed to work with the silicon liner to offer an anti-shock holder which will protect from daily bumps and jolts.
This Polycarbonate Cradle again leave access to all the function areas of the Samsung Galaxy S2 / S II clear and ready for use.
Note: This holder is to be used with the liner in place.

Includes The STANDARD Trolley Mount:
A quality hinged mount that fits bars or struts with a diameter between 21mm - 30mm.
Simple single screw fitting NO TOOLS REQUIRED.

Quick to fit and completely removable.
The rail casing is removable if required and will protect and reduce vibration.
Fully adjustable - Allows case to be turned so you can view your phone horizontally or vertically.
Press button release so the case to be detached from the trolley mount - a great security feature.

What do I get?
1 x Standard Trolley Mount
1 x Impact Duo Anti Shock Protective Phone Holder with Silicon Case for the Samsung Galaxy S2 / S II
1 x FREE Screen Protector

Tip: To attach the Impact Holder to the standard bike mount correctly just line up the three prongs and push together until you hear a hearty CLICK.
Note: These two moulded pieces are designed to be a snug fit.
If you don't hear a CLICK your not pushing hard enough.

Important: The Impact case will NOT protect from wet weather.
We stock a variety of waterproof cases for this phone, please check our Samsung Galaxy S II Section

Ulteriori informazioni

Ulteriori informazioni

Bullet 1 No
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Manufacturer Ultimate Addons
Fits Samsung Samsung GALAXY S II
Brand Samsung
Mounting Type No
Color Black


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