HCT ONE V Stick Anywhere Multi Surface Car Mount (sku 15531)

HCT ONE V Stick Anywhere Multi Surface Car Mount (sku 15531)
SKU: 15531
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Descrizione prodotto


Dedicated car / vehicle mount for the HTC ONE V.
Apply directly to dashboard, console area or glass.
PU coating enables the sucker to adhere to most flat areas.
Suitable for both smooth & textured plastic dashboards and console areas.

Unique 65 PU coated suction cup is tacky to touch but it's NOT adhesive.
Can be moved & reapplied
Washable - if sucker becomes dusty or dirty simple rinse under the tap & leave to air dry to reactivate PU coating.
A strong rigid 10cm arm is fully adjustable and allows the HTC ONE V cradle to be positioned vertically or horizontally.
Suction cup incorporates a removal tab.

The mount is supplied wiuth a dedicated HTC ONE V dedicated cradle.
Designed to contour your phone leaving all function area accissible.
Due to the bespoke nature of the holder you will have to remove any case or skin before inserting it.

How to apply?
Select a flat area - minimum approx 70mm in diameter
Press the mounts suction cup against the surface and push down the lever to create a vacuum.
Always check the mount is secure by giving it a wiggle before inserting your phone.
To remove - lift lever and pull remval tab to release vacuum.
A gentle rocking motion while lifting the removal tab works best.

The video is an example of this mount and will not show the cradle / device



Ulteriori informazioni

Ulteriori informazioni

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Manufacturer Ultimate Addons
Brand HTC
Mounting Type Multisurface
Color Black


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