GADGETS Universal Suction Mount Holder (SKU 10300)

GADGETS Universal Suction Mount Holder (SKU 10300)
SKU: 10300
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Descrizione prodotto


This suction mount holder requires no drilling or awkward adjusting with vents. The neck of the suction mount holder is designed to offer optimum flexibility allowing the user to adjust the holder for maximum comfort and convenience.

The plates on this affordable Universal Suction Mount Holder are adjustable (40mm-110mm) and therefore able to accommodate any size of mobile, PDA, MP3 or other portable device in car solution. The flexibility of the holder allows for phones or devices in protective skins or cases to be held with ease. 

Ulteriori informazioni

Ulteriori informazioni

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Manufacturer BuyBits
Brand Universal
Mounting Type Window
Color Black


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