Easy Fit Vehicle Air Vent Mount for the Apple iPhone 4 (sku 7682)

Easy Fit Vehicle Air Vent Mount for the Apple iPhone 4 (sku 7682)
SKU: 7682
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Easy Fit Vehicle Air Vent Mount for the Apple iPhone 4 (sku 7682)

SKU: 7682

The 'Easy Fit' vent mount with Apple iPhone cradle is straightforward and uncomplicated.
Whether you are a vent mount convert or just looking for an alternative to the suction cup windscreen arm, this simple mounting option could be just what you need.

The 'Easy Fit' vent mount has done away with the traditional plastic clips which could on occasion be fiddly and has replaced them with a single metal, spring action mechanism which can be worked with just two fingers.

Suitable for horizontal and vertical vent louvers, simply the spring action arm turn to suit your vent louvers.

Fold out support arms clip into position and have cushioned pads to protect the dash and reduce vibration. 
Metal spring action gripper holds the mount securely against the vent.
The Apple iPhone 4 cradle is held on a ball joint which allows the screen to be viewed in portrait or landscape mode and has tilt adjustment to avoid glare.
The clip in cradle clears the edges of the iPhone 4 protecting the screen and leaves all function areas fully accessible.
Not for use with a case.

Includes Apple iPhone 4 moulded cradleSuitable for vertical & horizontal air vents.Requires a gap of 6mm (1/4") between louvers.Louver maximum depth 30mmTightening ring holds desired position.Ideal for multi vehicle driversCradle can me removed quickly and easily from the vent mount for security or to enable you to use another device fitted in one of our alternative cradles (see Accessories Tab)Please note: This cradle is NOT suitable for use with a case, skin or bumper.

Ulteriori informazioni

Ulteriori informazioni

Bullet 1 View your iPhone 4 from an air vent. Tidy, does not obstruct windscreen.
Bullet 2 Simple but very effective single spring clip much easier to use that plastic croc clips.
Bullet 3 Completely removable. Position your iPhone vertically or horizontally - great for SatNav / maps.
Bullet 4 Fully adjustable with support feet to reduce any vibration.
Bullet 5 Fits most vertical & horizontal vent louvers including some circular. Requires a gap of 6mm (1/4") between louvers.
Manufacturer BuyBits
Fits Apple Apple iPhone 4
Brand Apple
Mounting Type Vent
Color Black


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