Arkon SM316 Universal Adhesive Dashboard / Desktop / Console Mobile Phone Mount (sku 7234)

Arkon SM316 Universal Adhesive Dashboard / Desktop / Console Mobile Phone Mount (sku 7234)
SKU: 7234
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SM316 : Universal Mini Adhesive Dashboard, Desktop, or Console Mount Cell Phone Holder | Mount.
Arkon's SM316 universal phone mount bundle includes three pedestal mount options.
The SM316 includes two different types of adhesive. The high quality 3M foam adhesive disc is designed for use as a semi-permanent dashboard or console mount. The blue polyethelene disc provides a sticky, yet removable surface connection. As such, it's ideal for use indoors as a desk top mount. Three screws are also included in the event that you require more of a permanent mount solution.
The universal holder included is not phone specific  and works with nearly all phones including those that have protective cases or skins on.
The Arkon SM316 is an innovative, highly compact cell phone mount bundle.
Package Contents:
SM015-2 Universal mini grip cell phone holder,
GN016-SBH Travelmount deluxe mini windshield suction pedestal with 1 x circular 3M foam adhesive disc, 1 x circular blue polyethelene disc & 3 x 25mm Phillips pan head screws.
The mini grip holder features patented side grip technology,
 push button release mechanism activates opening of mini grip arms. 
Squeeze the cushioned mini grip arms to secure phone in holder cell phone rests securely on support legs at bottom of holder.
Compatible with most mobile phones and smartphones Suitable for:HTC HD2 , Apple iPhone 3G, 3G-S, Original, and iPod Touch.
Compatible with most phones offered by HTC, Motorola, Palm, LG, Samsung, Nokia
Depth of cradle is 1”(25mm) Side grip arms close to 1.77”(45mm) Side grip arms open to 3.15”(80mm)

Ulteriori informazioni

Ulteriori informazioni

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Manufacturer Arkon
Brand Universal
Mounting Type Dash
Color Black


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